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FCA Summer Camps

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Summer Camps

Mon, June 16, 2014

Multi-Sport Camps…Black Mtn, NC

Multi-Sport Camp provides a well-rounded athletic experience where campers choose from many sports clinics and compete in a variety of sports. Open to youth 12-18 yrs. old.

ÙBoys and Coaches Black Mtn, NC Competitive & Impact Camps

June 23-27 Black Mtn., NC at YMCA Blue Ridge Center NCBL 0623        Students $395 Adults $415


ÙGirls Black Mtn, NC.…

June-June 24-28 Black Mtn., NC at YMCA Blue Ridge Center NCBG 0624           Students $340


Black Mtn, NC Adult

June 23-June 27 NCBL 0624                       Adult $375


Coaches Camp…June 23 -June 27

Black Mtn., NC at YMCA Assembly NCBL 0624                    Single Adult $490

Team Camps  

Team Camps are sport camps where coaches bring part or all of their own team. Teams will compete together against other teams, and have quality instruction from college coaches.

  • Boys Team Camps

Middle School Football: July 10-11

Maryville College, Maryville, TN

$95 per player

High School Football: July 15-17, July 17-19            TN Tech, Cookeville, TN

$125 per player

TNCO 0716


Bryan College, Dayton, TN-

June 16-18 High School Basketball

Student $160 Coach $100 Adult $160

TNDA 0617 Boys


  • Girls Team Camp

Bryan College, Dayton, TN-

June 3-5 High School Basketball

Student $160 Coach $100 Adult $160

TNDA 0606 Girls


Coed Leadership Camps

Leadership Camp is for athletes & Huddle Coaches who serve as leaders in their local FCA Huddle.  This camp focuses on the development of effective campus leaders by teaching practical skills for Christian growth as well as spiritual, organizational & motivational tools for the FCA Huddle.


ÙCampbellsvilleJune 26-29

Campbellsville, KY at Campbellsville University  (Ages 12-99) KYCA 0626                    Students $225


Leadership Camps

               ÙCovenanent College, Chattanooga, TN

June 30- July 3

HS Leadership $230 MS Leadership $230

Adventure Camp $330 Coaches Camp $see webpage

TNDT 0701


               ÙFCA/Toby Mac Golf Camp

                                            July, 13-17 Students $1150 Pine Needles, NC


 FCA Motorcross Camp

                                          July 20-24  $295 Muddy Creek, Blountville, TN